Fengari® International is a prestigious, avant-garde, Greek company dealing with the manufacturing and exports of fine Greek rare, traditional food and beverage products, 1st Class Mineral Water products and Health & Beauty systems.

All of our products are manufactured and branded under the authority of Fengari® International with the strictest quality control methods and series of quality and hygiene certifications. We do not carry or produce Genetically Modified (G.M.O) products.

Our Fengari® Water and Elea® Extra Virgin Olive Oil brands are the world’s most renowned brands ever. With an extensive sales network around the globe, we are proud to provide to you the best our country has to offer.

You can purchase our products directly from the factory with no sales intermediates at very low rates, and claim distribution rights in your area. For each minimum order you place, you can automatically claim distribution rights.

Fengari Water Co.® is the No.1 Luxury Water Company in Greece®. It is the Premier and leading manufacturer of high-end and prestigious water products in Greece.

Fengari Water is a modern company in the bottled water manufacturing and bottling industry, with an International outreach. Our values and ethics remain unaltered since day one. Our consistency, sincerity and truthfullness in contrast with our extensive delivery network, our cost-efficient innovative technologies, our free-delivery, and low-prices are one of the many reasons we are widely accepted by our costumers.


We are commited in providing the highest of all quality water products in the world. Every day we make a serious number of microbiological, technical and quality tests to ensure that the water you drink is the safest water. Our waters are microfiltrated in order to filter all possible harmful factors which can cause unpleasant results to you. The waters are manufactured, processed and tested in a disease and microbe-free enviroment without any animals, bugs and/or bacteria. Bacteria is eliminated in 99,99% with intense cleaning professional services every hour. 


The Fengari Water Co. is worldwide known for it’s finest quality of water products. This is ensured both by the high quality of technological methods our company uses in association with our water quality tests in individual laboratories affiliated with our company. The manufacturing plants which we manufacture our products in are certified by ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9000:2005, ISO 14001 and HACCP. For the hygiene and safety of all the working members, all the necessary GMP’s are applied as well.

All the products from which our Natural Fruit Juices and Soft Drinks are made from, are from NON-GMO, 100% Greek, and some of them from Organic Certified plantations.

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